Harvesting more than monetary returns

Victory Farms

The soil holds the greatest return.

Victory Farms acquires conventional farms and builds value by transforming the soil through regenerative agriculture to create positive environmental, social and economic impact.

We believe in the power of regenerative agriculture

for the reversal of climate change and the improvement of our nutritional integrity and water quality.

Compost and other natural fertilizers

Improving soil structure and fertility and has been shown to increase crop yields by up to 50%.

Cover cropping

Planting various crops between seasons improves soil health, prevents erosion, and reduces the need for synthetic inputs.

Integrate animals

Rotational grazing improves soil health, increases crop yields, and reduces the need for synthetic inputs.

Practice crop rotation

Planting different crops in a specific order, usually over a period of several years.

Minimal tillage

Minimizing soil disturbance preserves soil structure, reduces erosion, and increases crop yields.

Roots and Returns

Bountiful revenue opportunities

Regenerative Conversion

Crop Yield

Asset Appreciation

Grant Funding

Regenerative Conversion

Regenerative Conversion